JOHN & DEANNA and Medley & Anchor

medley and anchor

We trust Sheileen with the things we value most in our lives: Our home and the love of our lives, our two Leonbergers Medley and Anchor. We have utmost faith in Sheileen and the Go Dog Go staff, and are deeply aware of how much Sheileen and her staff make all our lives better, safer and more convenient. Our Leo's love Sheileen and her staff as though they were family - a sign of great bond and trust between our dogs and Go Dog Go. Customers since July 2009.

Amanda and Wallace

Sheileen and the Go Dog Go team are wonderful. They are reliable and take such good care of Wallace. We have a hectic schedule and they always accommodate our last minute requests. Whether Wallace is at an afternoon play group or is staying overnight, I always know he is in good hands with Go Dog Go.


Caley Hamner.jpg

Emily and Caley

We feel very confident in the care that our dog receives from Go Do Go. Sheileen really knows dogs and treated our dog as an individual, taking the time to get to know her and find a care plan that works for her individual needs and temperament. And we can tell that she is loving the extra attention and exercise!

Loreta and Ziggy

Sheileen and Go Dog Go is not just a dog walking service, they are members of our extended family, which of course includes Ziggy. Sheileen has been in our lives since we brought Ziggy home as a puppy. Her care and guidance were indispensable. She is beyond reliable, always cheerful and is the ultimate dog whisperer. Ziggy is a Portuguese Water Dog and we knew when we got him he would need lots of exercise to stay healthy and happy. Sheileen provides not just exercise but also the gentle but firm discipline he needs as a working dog to thrive. Our Ziggy just adores her.
I am also so appreciative of all Sheileen does for our community. She is active in advocating for our lovely parks and was instrumental in getting the fence for the off leash area in Frick Park as well as the now flourishing trees there.
Don't know what we would do without her and her service.

Andrea and BILLIE Holliday

Dear Mommy and Daddy,
I am the luckiest girl in the world. When Sheileen comes to our house twice a week, she takes me to run and play with all my friends in the park, and I have SO much fun! Some days it's raining, some days its snowing, but no matter, Sheileen always comes for me. She must know how excited I am to see her because she's never ever late. I'm sorry I'm so tired when I come home, but Sheileen says that's good for me. And did you know she's also helping me with my doggy manners? 
So thank you for taking such good care of me, and most of all for sending me to Go Dog Go!


Taji Magge.jpg

Adam & Taj

Sheileen and her team take great care of our dog. They are always available, and he really looks forward to his walks. Highly recommend.


When I first got Charley, I interviewed several pet care service providers.  Sheileen was the only one to immediately gain my trust.  I know she cares about Charley as much as I do, and she has become an important part of Charley's daily life.

Susan & Simba

Sheileen, of Go Dog Go, has been watching my cat for five years while we are away on vacation.
I have been very happy with her services. My cat is well cared for and my home is well maintained while we are gone. She is reliable and sends me updates and photos of my cat via an iPhone.
I highly recommend Sheileen for any pet need.

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Potter Moritz.jpg

Tammie and Potter

We started with Go Dog Go when Potter was a young puppy.  Sheileen quickly connected with him and her experience and ability to manage him was very comforting.  Two years later we have a very well-behaved, healthy, happy dog because of his daily play group with Go Dog Go. Sheileen's team is extremely reliable and shows up rain or shine! Whenever we have needed extra help the answer was always "Yes!" even on New Year's!


NELLY and Ginny

My name is Nelly (the Noodle) Neffke. I am a 5 year old labradoodle from Cincinnati. My Moms are Ginny (the dog groomer) and Jan, who assists her at every turn.

My middle name should be Lucky instead of Noodle, because I am indeed one of the Luckiest dogs I know.

Because my Moms are so busy at their dog grooming shop, Poochini’s , I wasn’t getting the exercise I needed to stay trim and healthy. Enter Sheileen McLaughlin, owner of Go Dog Go. When she would deliver a group of dogs to Poochini’s fresh from a fun play group, I would look at my Moms with pleading eyes. Finally the message got through their thick skulls and now I go with Sheileen and her crew to romp in the park. I come home happy and tired. On the rare occasions Jan and Ginny vacation without me, I stay with Sheileen.

I highly recommend Go Dog Go. Then your pup will feel as loved and lucky as I do.

Nelly Hildebrand.JPG

I retired and bought myself a Golden Retriever puppy whom I named Wally; my thinking was that this dog would keep me in shape during my doddering years. My thinking was flawed to say the least. A puppy is a baby; I needed help. I found Sheileen and her company Go Dog Go when Wally was 2 months old and was thrilled to have their expert help. Sheileen and Company would take Wally a few days a week for a group walk and play where he socialized with the pets of others who now are his BFF's.  I would supplement these outings with every day walks and training. We made it through the first year and Wally grew into his magnificent, loving self. I failed at retirement and went back to my office four days a week and Wally is now an everyday group participant. I also have need to board Wally on some weekends and he has become the house guest of Sheileen and each of her team. I am so thankful for Sheileen and Go Dog Go for the immeasurable help in raising Wally; it takes a Village and Wally and me have found ours. 

Andi and Cookie

I travel frequently and have a dog who can't be boarded because of anxiety around other dogs. Sheileen and her staff have greatly reduced the stress of traveling by providing amazing service. I completely trust Go Dog Go with the care of my dog and access to my home while I'm away. They also send regular text and photo updates. Cookie and I have run into some of the walkers around the neighborhood and they've formed such a great bond that we always have to stop and say Hi. The walkers are as enthusiastic about these meetings as Cookie is!

Patty and Finn

My dogs have been going to Play Group daily for six years. Sheileen and her team have proven to be dependable, responsible, knowledgeable, professional, friendly dog lovers. The pups come back happy and tired from their forays into Frick Park. She has always been willing to accommodate last-minute schedule changes and other requests. My dogs are my kids and I trust them completely with Sheileen and her team.


Jane and Mac

I cannot say enough good things about Sheileen and Go Dog Go.  Our dog, MacIntosh (Mac) is so well cared for. He looks forward to playgroup and is exhausted when he comes home.  He wags his tail and does his butt wiggle whenever he gets picked up! Sheileen has also cared for Mac over the weekend when we are out of town and , I hate to say this, he does not miss us at all.  Sheileen and her staff really care about their charges and treat them as members of the family, I really cannot ask for more. I highly recommend Sheileen and Go Dog Go!

Julie and Toby & Lily

When I started looking for someone to give mid-day breaks to my two tiny rescues with socialization issues, I expected that they would get a quick break in the back yard, a little treat and a pat on the head.  Instead, with Sheileen and the Go Dog Go team, Toby and Lily have learned to get comfortable with new people putting them on-leash.  And they have learned to walk nicely on the leash.  After several years of practice they can now walk with and stay calm around new dogs – even big dogs.  The ladies who have worked with them over the years are reliable and kind and patient.  We have also had different Go Dog Go team members stay at our house for a week or two for over-night in-home sitting.  Having the Go Dog Go team available to help take care of Toby and Lily gives us the ability to relax and enjoy any time we are away knowing our puppies are in good hands.

Neal and Willie

We have been using Go Do Go for over seven years. We trust them to care for all of our pets, and trust them to take Willie on a doggie play date twice a week - rain, shine or cold weather

Maryjo and Porter & Tillie

Go Dog Go takes wonderful care of our three-year-old high energy lab and our 15-year-old low energy cocker spaniel.   Sheileen and the Go Dog Go team are accommodating and caring and we are very lucky to have found them.  Tillie loves her playgroup and waits eagerly for her “school bus” every day and Porter loves the attention and affection he gets. Go Dog Go makes it possible for us to go to work knowing that our pups are in very good hands.  We highly recommend Sheileen and her team!


Toby K.jpg

Eydie and Toby

We started using Go Dog Go because we work and needed help getting our puppy out in the middle of the day. We have maintained Go Dog Go and increased playgroups to 4 times per week because our now 1 yr old dog loves socializing and exercising for several hours every day and his temperament is incredibly pleasant when we come home. We can't imagine doing anything different. It has been a great fit for us.


It has been close to three years since I got Winston.
I can not thank you enough for taking such good care of Winston. He is excited every day to play with his friends. Like clockwork he waits for you to pick him up for his daily social outing. What comfort you have given me knowing while I’m at work or travels he is with his 2nd family that loves him as I do.
Once again you and your crew are the BEST!
Thank you!
Jennifer and Winston